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Review: Riding Steele #1: Kidnapped by Opal Carew

Being kidnapped by bikers is a harrowing experience, but for some reason, Laurie doesn’t feel as terrified as she should.  The leader’s steely eyes soften when he looks at her, and the others in his gang clearly know she’s hands off.  But does that include Steele's hands?  Her brain resists him, but her body insists she wants those big hands all over her.

Steele doesn’t know how he wound up in this mess–with a kidnapped woman on his hands and the police hot on their trail.  Now he and Laurie are in hiding at an isolated cabin, and Steele has to figure out how to extricate himself...and steer clear of his accidental captive whose tight, slinky clubbing attire is making him think all kinds of dangerous thoughts…

Sarah's Review: I really enjoyed this book! I can't wait to read the next book to see what happens next. I realize it is a novella kind of read but I wish it was longer. That's my only complaint of this book. 
I was given this ARC for an honest and fair review.

Author Spotlight/Interview: Elizabeth Fama

We would like to introduce you to the amazing, Elizabeth Fama. I had the opportunity to meet this wonderful author at the Vegas Valley Book Festival and she is awesome. 

Author Bio.:

Elizabeth Fama is the author of Plus One (FSG, 2014), Monstrous Beauty (FSG, 2012), a YALSA Best Fiction for Young Adults selection and Odyssey Award honor winner, and Overboard (Cricket Books, 2002), an ALA Best Books for Young Adults. She is represented by Sara Crowe of Harvey Klinger, Inc.

Author Links:   Website   |   Tumblr   |   Twitter

Elizabeth's most recent book is Plus One. It was released on April 8th, 2014. It is a Dystopian Young Adult book with 384 pages. 


It takes guts to deliberately mutilate your hand while operating a blister-pack sealing machine, but all I had going for me was guts.

Sol Le Coeur is a Smudge—a night dweller in an America rigidly divided between people who wake, live, and work during the hours of darkness and those known as Rays who live and work during daylight. Impulsive, passionate, and brave, Sol deliberately injures herself in order to gain admission to a hospital, where she plans to kidnap her newborn niece—a Ray—in order to bring the baby to visit her dying grandfather. By violating the day-night curfew, Sol is committing a serious crime, and when the kidnap attempt goes awry it starts a chain of events that will put Sol in mortal danger, uncover a government conspiracy to manipulate the Smudge population, and throw her together with D'Arcy BenoĆ®t, the Ray medical apprentice who first treats her, then helps her outrun the authorities—and with whom she is fated to fall impossibly and irrevocably in love.

Set in a vivid alternate reality and peopled with complex, deeply human characters on both sides of the day-night divide, Plus One is a brilliantly imagined drama of individual liberty and civil rights—and a compelling, rapid-fire romantic adventure story. 

Lisa's Review:  I totally loved this book and the cover is gorgeous. This is a dystopian novel focusing on society being divided into two groups, Ray's and Smudges. Ray's can only be out and about during daylight hours and Smudges during night time hours. Each group has their curfews and serious infractions occur for violating them. Ray's are considered the upper class.

I really enjoyed this storyline and the world building surrounding it. I also liked the political conflict which is occurring. It made me want to point the finger at the man just like Gigi would. 

The characters are phenomenal. Sol, the main character, is astounding  and totally relatable. Her loyalty for those she cares about is admirable. One of my favorite characters is Gigi.  Gigi definitely has her flaws but within those flaws is a courageous character. 

Sol's love interest, D'Arcy, is another awesome character. He initially comes across as uptight however, throughout the book he definitely grows on you. 

The romance between Sol and D'Arcy starts with a low boil and then progresses to overflow. It was sweetly portrayed. 

The book was paced well and immediately captured me. 

Purchase Links:   Amazon   |   Barnes & Noble

Interview With Elizabeth 

1. What's a typical working day like for you? When and where do you write? Do you set a daily writing goal?

I prefer to work in the morning, but no matter how hard I try, my writing day never seems to start until after 11 AM. I usually go jogging for six miles every morning. After breakfast, a shower, and taking care of urgent e-mails, I finally dive in to writing. I mostly work in the kitchen, because it's my favorite room of the house. I usually don't set a daily word count goal, except the time my son challenged me to a Novel Writing Duel, and we each had to produce 3,000 words per week. (PLUS ONE was the result of that contest.) 

2. Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

Getting new material on the page each day is a challenge for me. I struggle a lot with worrying about the end product, rather than enjoying the process.

3. What are your must-have writing accessories? 

I absolutely must have my laptop and some way to put my feet up, like a spare chair! (I'm kind of tiny.)

4. What inspired you to write your first book?

My very first book was actually a board book entitled WHOSE FACE IS THIS? I wrote it, illustrated it, and bound it for my daughter, who was nine months old at the time and loved board books. I never published it, but it was darned cute, if I do say so myself. (Hey, maybe I should revisit that one!)

5. In 5 words or less describe Plus One.

Day, night, segregation, star-crossed love.

6. Were any of the characters in Plus One based on people you know? 

There are inevitably little bits of friends, family, and acquaintances that show up in all of my characters. But in PLUS ONE the main character's grandfather, Poppu, was directly inspired by my beloved tennis partner, Vince, who continued to play with me for two years after his esophageal cancer diagnosis, right up until he entered hospice. 

7. If you were writing a book about your life, what would the title be?

MAMA FAMA. I spend most of my time enabling my four grown kids, and collaborating creatively with them.

8. What are you working on now?

I'm working on a realistic contemporary novel with mostly boy characters on a road trip. I'm afraid to jinx it by describing it in more detail. I'm also ve-e-e-e-ry slowly doing laborious research for a novel that will be historical fiction, set in Italy in the 1500s.

9. What question have you always wanted to be asked in an interview? 

I quite like the last question on your list, which no one has ever asked me before! And I'm going to totally give a Mama Fama reply to it...

10. Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

Don't smoke, don't text and drive, wear your bike helmet, use sunscreen! Remember that someone diapered you!

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Book Blitz: Evernight By Candace Knoebel

Evernight by Candace Knoebel 
(Night Watchmen #2) 
Publication date: October 31st 2014
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Young Adult


The stunning sequel to the thrilling paranormal romance novel Everlasting!
One lie will change everything.
Faye Middleton has secured the Dagger of Retribution for the High Priesthood, but in doing so, she’s opened the door to more demands set by them. She now has to break the Holy Seal, and soon. Trapped in the alluring Ethryeal City, Faye is pushed to the breaking point trying to discover just what she is truly capable of, even if it means destroying herself in the process.
With the clock ticking down to the war between both Covens, and the truth about her parent’s mysterious disappearance within her reach, Faye is faced with tough choices that will forever change her. Will Faye be able to handle the demands from the Priesthood, and still be able to continue her search for her parents?
But more importantly, can she survive the truth she finds?
Purchase Link:   Amazon

Excerpt: Prologue


    In fact, most of our world was built on the foundation of lies, some with the intent to serve the greater good, and others with the intent to serve one person’s giant ambitions. But the root of every lie is exactly the same. They’re all equally deceitful, treacherous propositions spewed from the mouths of men and woman alike.

    Lies have the power to sound right, yet feel wrong. They have the ability to confuse your heart and twist your mind. The problem is, sometimes these lies become easier to believe than the truth. They become a sort of safety net from reality, a way to avoid what lingers in the back of your mind. And some say that over time, if you believe them long enough, they become real.

    At least, that’s what my mother had hoped would happen in my case. But just like every lie ever told, all it takes is one small crack in that foundation for the whole thing to come crashing down.

    And it did.

   Because everything I thought I knew about myself was a lie. A beautiful and heartrending lie. I wasn’t the Defect my parents would regretfully see off to college before turning their backs on me. I wasn’t the weak friend who didn’t have enough backbone to stand up for what’s right, nor was I the loner without a purpose or a chance at real love. And I sure as hell wasn’t the weapon Bael and the members of the Darkyn Coven intended me to be.

    But I am the weapon the Primeval Coven needs me be. Or so they keep saying.

    In my Coven, there are two kinds of people: The Hunters and the Witches. They used to hate each other, even though they were on the same team, back in the old days when cars didn’t exist and time was tracked on a sundial. They hated each other so much that eventually a war was brought on by one of the original Witches—a Divine named Mourdyn.

    The war was known as the Great Battle of the Covens. It was meant to wipe out the existence of every Hunter, and it devastated the population of my people, the Primevals. It annihilated the population of the Darkyns—the Witches who abandoned our Coven to follow the whims of Mourdyn and his persuasive lies.

    But even though a lie can be struck down—imprisoned even—it can’t ever be fully erased. The scars it leaves behind on this earth and in our hearts are eternal, and somewhere along the way, someone will pick that lie back up and breathe life into it once more. Give it the wings it needs to rise again. Only, this time, that lie will be stronger, with an even greater purpose.

    And that’s the part that scares me the most.

    I glance down at my leg. The burn marks left behind from Bael’s wrath still tingle with echoes of the scorching fire he sent after me after I escaped with Weldon, reminding me that I’m nowhere near ready for the fight that’s sure to come.

    And that has to change.

    That’s part of why I agreed to come here to Ethryeal City—to the heart of our Coven. It’s where Hunters and Witches in an affinity bond enter as Night Watchmen and leave as Elites. Where those who have broken our Coven laws go to face the High Priesthood. Where those who need refuge… those like me… come to hide.

    The only thing is, I never agreed to being separated from everyone I know. They call it debriefing, but with every day that passes, I’m beginning to wonder… to question how long it actually takes.

    It’s been seven days and fourteen hours since my unfortunate and unplanned encounter with Bael—the Demon King of the Underground. In these last seven days, I’ve made more promises than I can count on two hands. And in those promises, I think I’ve told more lies than I ever have in my life.

    Honesty seems to have slipped out of her bedroom from inside my integrity and, in her place, deceit has crept in with the offer of survival. If I just nod along with the many blending faces all interviewing me, then maybe somehow, I’ll make it out of this phase in my life alive. I’ll make it back into Jaxen’s arms and back into the graces of the friends I’ve come to trust.

    But what deceit doesn’t offer is solace, because you can’t fool deceit. It knows every trick in the book.

    Every day, twice a day, for the past four days, I’ve recounted in specific order how my friends and I nearly lost our lives in hopes that we’d gain an advantage on the Darkyn Coven and intercept them from taking the Dagger of Retribution. The one that has the power to initiate the removal of the Veil that separates the Underground and all its evil from the humans. The very Dagger that only I have the power to touch.

    I’ve been singularly interviewed by every member on the Priesthood, and then by every general and Elder within the hierarchy of our Coven.

    And I’m so very tired.

    For the past four days, since I left the safe house beneath the church owned by the Night Watchmen, when I haven’t been in a laboratory undergoing strenuous testing, I’ve spent the remaining hours kept in a holding cell stripped of all personality. Chained down by claustrophobia. Shackled to the fears given free rein to destroy my hope.

    I don’t have a home anymore. I have four white walls, one white jumpsuit, a white bed, white sheets… the color was bleached from my life the moment I crossed into the legendary Ethryeal City. I keep trying to remember the last time I saw Jaxen’s face, but my soul has fed so often on the happiness of that memory, I fear it’s disappearing. And I don’t know when I’m going to see him again.

    They took everything away from me just to keep me repressed. Controlled. But what they don’t know is they cannot control what they do not own, and they do not own me. I can’t trust anyone. No one but myself, because all I know is I am more of a threat to them than I thought.

    And the High Priesthood doesn’t know what to do with me.

Candace Knoebel is the award-winning author of Born in Flames-book one in a young adult fantasy trilogy. She discovered in 2009 through lunch breaks and late nights after putting her kids to bed, a world where she could escape the ever-pressing days of an eight to five Purgatory. And an outlet for all the voices residing in her head.

Published by 48fourteen in 2012, Born in Flames went on to win Turning the Pages Book of the Year award in February of 2013. In January of 2014, the last book in the trilogy, From the Embers, was released, thusly completing the trilogy. She now works on the Night Watchmen Series, while guzzling Red Bulls and pretending to be a ninja on Heelys.

Author Links:   Website   |   Blog   |  Facebook   |   Twitter   |   Goodreads

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Book Highlight: Monsters All The Way Down By Ryan McSwain


After a routine DNA background check, Brennan Wade is on the run for murders he does not remember committing. Pursued by a shadow agency, he fights to clear his name and catch the true killer. Brennan forges an uneasy alliance with Joan Runciter, the only woman to survive an attack, and together they delve into a world of secret history and ancient horror. As the body count rises and his true nature is revealed, Brennan must decide if the world’s salvation is worth his own corruption. 

Monsters All the Way Down contains an intriguing blend of Philip K. Dick’s mind-bending paranoia and H. P. Lovecraft’s cosmic horror. Ryan McSwain uses complex characters and familiar ideas to craft a story full of twists to keep you guessing right up to the end and beyond. 

Purchase Link:   Amazon

Author Bio.:

Ryan McSwain lives in Amarillo, Texas, with his wife and their two children. Ryan spends his days caring for his children, writing, and looking for that next novel, comic book, TV show, film, or album that will give him the brain tingles. It is unlikely he is standing behind you at this very instant, but you should turn around just to check.

  Author Website   |   Twitter   |   Facebook

Book Blitz: The Wanted By Lauren Nicolle Tayler

 photo The-Wanted-Blitz-Banner.png

Title:  The Wanted
Series:  The Woodlands Series, Book 4
Author:  Lauren Nicolle Taylor
Published:  October 31st, 2014  
Publisher:  Clean Teen Publishing
Page Count:  363
Genre:  YA Mature Dystopian Romance
Content Warning:  Graphic Violence
Recommended Age:  16+
 photo The-Wanted.jpg

What would you be willing to sacrifice to get what you Wanted?
It’s the question facing both Rosa and Joseph as they are pushed and pulled in unimaginable directions.
It’s the question Superior Grant answered with a resounding, “Anything and everything.”
The only thing they want is to be back in each other’s arms. But what will it cost them to get there?
Separated after a failed mission, they are caught in dual hells. Joseph, sinking as he struggles to face what he did to escape and who he had to leave behind. Rosa, straddling the divide between fighting the evil, calculating Superior Grant and trying her best to stay alive.
When what they Wanted seems unreachable, can they find the strength–the will–to keep trying? To keep fighting? And find their way back to each other and to Orry?
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Goodreads


I searched for movement, but I could see none. My eyes squinted and strained, staring at the side of the concrete wall. Smooth, dull, and perfectly curved.

A puff of dust pushed out from the wall like a hard cough. A few moments later, a small, popping sound followed.

Then sirens wailed thinly as if mildly displeased. The only indication of how serious the situation was seemed to be the way all the lights swung around to focus on the explosion site.
The screen opened in the sky minutes later like daylight had cut through the night accidentally. The clouds were the perfect backdrop for the show. I waited, barely breathing, as the video began.

I didn’t notice Elise until she sat down with a thump next to me. “Great view,” she said breathlessly, pulling her sleeves over her hands.

I wondered why she’d followed me up here, but I tried to hide my annoyance.

“Yes, it is,” I replied absently. We were silent as the video played through.

She started talking just as Rosa appeared in the lines of pregnant girls. “How are you feeling? Should I check…?”

“Sh…” I said, putting my hand up to her face.

She crossed her arms over her chest and pouted like a child. “That was really rude,” she muttered.

I groaned, pulling my hair back with my hands and froze, my hands fixed over my head. There she was. I stared into the clouds, trying to will them closer.

“Rosa,” I whispered before I could stop myself. She blinked back at me, sad, disappointed. How could you leave me? she seemed to say.

“I’m sorry,” I told the clouds and the image of her from two years ago. That Rosa loved a different Joseph. I tried not to think about the Rosa of now and what was happening to her at this exact moment, because my mind conjured horrible things.

Elise played with her fingers. “It’s ok… you’re obviously stressed about something.”

“What? No.” I wasn’t talking to her.

God, she sounded like a doctor when she talked.

“Wow, look at that girl with heterochromia. Amazing eyes. She’s beautiful.” Elise said, pointing in the sky.

You don’t even know.

I should have told her, that’s Rosa, but I didn’t. I was hoarding her memory. I didn’t want to share it with anyone.

The image faded.

She was gone.

This was torture.

 photo Lauren-Nicolle-Taylor.jpgAbout the Author:
Lauren Nicolle Taylor is a 33-year-old mother living in the tiny, lush town of Bridgewater on the other side of the world in Australia. She married her high school sweetheart and has three very boisterous and individual children. She earned a Bachelors degree in Health Sciences with Honours in Obstetrics and Gynecology and majored in Psychology while minoring in Contemporary Australian Writing.
After a disastrous attempt to build her dream house that left her family homeless, She found herself inexplicably drawn to the computer. She started writing, not really knowing where it may lead but ended up, eight weeks later, with the rough draft of The Woodlands.
In 2013, Lauren Nicolle Taylor accepted a publishing contract with Clean Teen Publishing. Her first published novel, The Woodlands, was released in August 2013 and quickly became a best seller. The second book in The Woodlands Series titled: The Wall, was published in October 2013 and followed suit, maintaining its position on the best seller charts for three months in a row.
 photo CleanTeenPubLogoSm-1.jpg
Clean Teen Publishing Links:
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Blog Tour: When The Perfect Comes By Susan Ward




  Synopsis   Lady Meredith Ann Merrick does not want to be tamed by a man. Varian Morgan is a man no woman can resist. Thrown together on a ship, will Varian’s charms conquer Meredith’s love of freedom? Meredith is born at time when women have but two choices: marry or face social ruin. Determined to master her own fate when her father concocts a devious plan to force her into marriage; she takes matters into her own hands. She embarks on a foolhardy adventure to free herself from an impending marriage contract, only to find herself trapped by the mysterious and beguiling Varian Morgan. Varian Morgan is a man of myth and legend. Known as much for his exploits with women, as for his for his piracy on the high seas; a vexing young girl, taken hostage in Cornwall, is no challenge for his prowess. When it becomes clear that she is hiding something from him, it only makes him more determined to ignore his desires and withhold from her the pleasures of his bed. Trapped on a ship of men, the last thing Meredith anticipated was days at the mercy of a vile pirate crew and nights yearning for its captain. When fierce arguments give way to fiery passion, is desire enough to make a girl determined to remain free of men, be willing captive in the bed of a sinister pirate, who is a master of seduction?


Buy Links




About Author

I'm addicted to writing. I've written 26 romance novels in 25 years, but I just started releasing them in May 2014 because frankly there are some things inside them I wasn't sure I wanted my daughters to read. The nest is empty, my girls all grown, so now I'm letting loose. I believe in the adage; Don't judge a book by it's cover! Definitely the case with The Girl on the Half Shell. Perfect looking lives are not perfect. We all have our own challenges to overcome! It's a theme in the books I've written and I cover a wide range of contemporary issues in stories ranging from raw and steamy, to gut wrenching, to happy happily ever after. My first release The Girl on the Half Shell is my most intense novel, the first in the Half Shell Series and the one I had to wait until I had no kids at home to release. My Perfect Forever Series is definitely happy happily ever after! The first in this line of books was released June 2014 with The Signature. My soon to be released first novella of the Encounters books, are short, steamy, and fun reads. And in September I'm starting to release my first in The Deverell Series with When the Perfect Comes, a fast paced, plot twisting historical! I've been in love with the Romance novel since I read my first Kathleen Woodiwiss book, and it seems to me that beyond a steamy fun read, a good romance novel is so much more: it's women empowering women. We share. We learn. So about me? I'm as eclectic as my books. A mom. A business owner. A writer of romance. An advocate for clean air and the environment. A wife and an animal lover. The best way to explain me is that once in a talent contest I played classical piano followed by a chopsticks duet with my toes. That pretty much sums up how I've lived my life!

Author Links






Tour Host OUAA

Celebrating Jay Crownover's Birthday

In August on my way home from California I got a text from Crystal Perkins telling me about a Birthday for Jay Crownover and it was a limited amount of tickets and I should purchase soon.  I was in the middle of nowhere when this information fell on to my lap and I couldn't do anything about it until I got home. I got home super late so I made sure to buy my ticket to this event first thing in the morning. 
The price of the ticket was to include the admission to get into the event,  a copy of Rowdy, a drink, and a good time.
We had a blast!  There was Rowdy, cupcakes, food, drinks, prizes (I didn't win), pictures, some more Rowdy, and I met a new friend. :)
Cupcakes, cake and pictures of Jay now and then.

Her cake.

My copy of Rowdy and tote bag.  Both signed by Jay Crownover.

Jay and myself.

Rowdy was all over the place.

They were singing to Jay here.

My bestie Christina and myself.

Mel who runs Crownover's Crowd on Facebook.

Crystal Perkins and myself.

I didn't like the first picture so I had to have another one done before I left.

My goodies from the party. 

I bought one of the pictures from the event.